Are you proactive or reactive when it comes to planning ahead?


Planning Ahead Series

Christ the King

The link below has videos from the Planning Ahead Series that we have had over the past 13 weeks at Christ the King. This series has included trustworthy professionals in our community sharing what we can do to plan ahead and not wait until a crisis to make decisions.  I wanted to share the link for those who weren’t able to attend the series.  There is a ton of great information on all the aspect of aging including  what and how we need to plan for them. There will be more videos added to the website over time.  One of my personal favorites is Janet Greene, be watching for her video.

Most people wait until something happens before you start planning.  Educating yourself on your options and resources enables you to make better decisions.  I encourage you to watch these videos, additionally learn about seminars in the community, reach out to contacts that your trust and ask questions.

I feel it is so important to be proactive and not reactive.  We are all aging, so planning ahead and learning about your resources now will be extremely beneficial for not only you but your family.  For addition information on the series or if you would like to learn about how your church can host a future series, please call me.


Susan Neville