Why use a local referral agency to find a senior living community?


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Senior Living Placement Service

Why is it a good idea to use a local referral agency to help find a senior living community? 

  • It’s FREE for you
  • I have local knowledge of all the senior living communities
  • I can save you a lot of time and energy
  • I will narrow down the communities that fit your specific needs
  • I can work with you on finding a community that fits your budget
  • I can schedule tours and am available to join if you choose

There are many other ways I can assist you with your search, before your start this journey call me

“I love working with seniors and it is important to me to help familes during this overwhelming time and to find the most appropriate community for them”.

Susan NevilleOwner, Senior Living Consultant

Senior Living Communities options:

Independent Living 

Assisted Living 

Personal Care 

Memory Care 


Senior living is changing and I would love to work with you and go through everything you need to know about the communities in Lexington and surrounding counties.  I work closely with other senior resources which allows me to also give recommendations on other service.

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*No Medicaid or Subsidized Housing