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12.5 Ft. White Shark Tagged off Hilton Head Coast


 12.5 Ft White Shark Tagged off Hilton Head Coast


Hilton Head, SC (WLTX) – Researchers with OCEARCH tagged a 12.5 foot long white shark off the Hilton Head coast Friday. The shark is a male that trackers have named Hilton.

The group is tagging sharks off the coast of the Carolinas and Georgia to track their location and learn more about how the sharks use the waters. Researchers also collect biological samples from some of the sharks. They will use the data to gain insight on their overall health.

The researchers expect to learn more about topics such as feeding behavior, movement patterns, impacts of sharks on the marine food web, and the impact of contaminates from Atlantic waters.

The effort is part of OCEARCH’s Lowcountry Expedition. The project will run through March 15. You can learn more about the research on the OCEARCH website.